Summer vacations are great…until you come home to find that some animal guests have moved into your home while you’re gone! Your immediate concern is likely removing the animals and preventing them from returning, but even after removal and exclusion you will be in need of cleanup and sanitation of infested areas, as well as possible repairs/replacement of electrical wires, air ducts, and insulation. It is important that the affected areas are restored to their previous condition to prevent new animals from attempting to enter your home and that all feces is properly removed to prevent health hazards for you and your family.

Urine and Feces Clean-Up

Animal feces removal and sanitation is an extremely detailed process that involves more than simply wiping down surfaces and vacuuming up droppings. Urine will often soak down through insulation and damage wood, sheetrock, and the drywall in your ceiling. Urine and feces can both host dangerous bacteria including leptospirosis and histoplasmosis, salmonella, roundworm, hookworm, Cryptosporidiosis, and more. It is also possible that mold will grow on the areas of feces and urine. The Wild Trappers team will fully remove all animal urine and feces from your property.

Sanitation to Neutralize Pheromones

In addition to the clean-up of the animal droppings, odor removal is a crucial step to eliminate the pheromones left behind. Even if you can’t smell them, these pheromones attract other animals looking for protected places to nest or other animals looking to feed on the animals that caused the infestation (such as snakes looking for rodents). Our team will treat your affected area with a disinfectant that will sanitize and neutralize pheromone odors.

Trust the Wild Trappers Team

Our trained wildlife removal specialists will remove all wild animals from your property using live trapping methods and then seal off any openings that animals have been using to enter your home. We will then start our process of returning your home to a healthy, livable state by clearing contaminated materials and cleaning up your infested areas. Contaminated areas must be properly disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized or, in some cases, materials may need to be fully removed. Let us do the dirty work! Contact the professional team at Wild Trappersto inspect your home; safely remove animals and their droppings; and implement necessary exclusion, cleanup, and decontamination methods to restore your property to its original condition, prior to the animal infestation.