Bees and hornets may be considered pests to most people but they are essential to the environment and human agriculture because they are natural predators for many crop-destroying pests and they pollinate a variety of plants. If you notice a rise in the number of these insects buzzing around your property, they could simply be foraging for food nearby or you may have an infestation.


•   Honey bees: Sometimes honey bees make a nest in the walls, hollows, or attic of a home. These hives can contain up to 50,000 bees and should never be disrupted or moved by anyone other than a professional. It is also vital to thoroughly clean the area where a honey bee nest was removed to prevent other bees from being drawn back to the area.

•   Carpenter bees: Carpenter bees will make their nest in anything made of wood (decks, siding, window seals, swing sets, etc). If you notice small holes in a wood structure and there are small piles of what looks like sawdust nearby, you probably have a carpenter bee infestation. Staining or painting your wood siding and deck or swapping them out for synthetic materials may prevent a carpenter bee infestation.

•   Bumble bees: Bumble bees are very aggressive! Bumble bees typically prefer nesting in deteriorating organic substances (mulch, pine straw, grass clippings, etc) but will occasionally establish a nest in a wall, crawl space, or attic.


Hornets have stings used to kill prey and defend nests. They are able to sting multiple times and their stings are extremely painful to humans. Hornets nest in many locations in the ground, in trees and tree holes. They will also nest inside or on buildings.

How to Prevent a Bee or Hornet Infestation

To prevent bees and hornets from building their nests on or near your property:

•   Keep food containers tightly wrapped while outdoors

•   Immediately wipe up spilled food and drinks

•   Frequently empty out your garbage cans

•   Plant flowers away from the house

Call Wild Trappers for Your Bee and Hornet Removal Needs

Bees and hornets may be small but they can become a big problem. Protect yourself, your family, and your property by calling the trained professionals at Wild Trappers. We always work to prevent future visits by your unwanted guests by sealing all entry points and our exclusion and repair work is guaranteed—if the nuisance animal gets through our system we will re-trap and repair at no charge! If you need bee or hornet removal or you want an inspection from a licensed and trained Wildlife Trapper, contact us today!