If you see a single rat, mouse, squirrel, or flying squirrel in or near your home or business, you can almost guarantee that several of their friends and family members are nearby. Scratching in your walls, small droppings, and/or gnaw marks on walls, corners, or food containers are also red flags that you have a rodent problem. In addition to being a nuisance, rodents present a variety of health hazards and can cause extensive (and expensive) damage to your home or business. Don’t let rodents move in, make themselves comfortable, and expand their families! Immediate action at the very first sign of any rodent in your home or business is crucial to prevent a full-blown infestation.


Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can squeeze into very tight spaces, so it is important to have your home or commercial building inspected to identify gaps that need to be sealed. Mice are usually found in basements and cabinets while rats are usually found in basements or attics. A single mouse or rat should never be ignored, because one can quickly become dozens and then hundreds. Mice and rats breed almost year-round with a single mouse having up to 60 babies per year and a single rat having up to 24 babies per year. Plus, mice can begin to reproduce at just three weeks old, contributing even more baby mice to your previously small infestation.


Squirrels and Flying Squirrels

Like mice and rats, squirrels can enter your home or business through holes and cracks and they love moving into attics and walls. They can also enter your home from tree limbs that connect to your roof, especially flying squirrels which have skin that extends between their legs and their bodies, creating “wings” which enable them to leap and glide from high places. Gray squirrels and flying squirrels reproduce year round and if they are not trapped and removed from an attic, they continue the cycle by returning and having more babies.


Why Wild Trappers?

Rodents in your home or business can be very frustrating. Our pest management professionals us specific tools and knowledge to identify, treat, and prevent future residential or commercial rodent problems. At Wild Trappers we specialize in live and dead animal removal, animal trapping, exclusion services, crawl space clean outs, feces removal and sanitation, and many other wild animal and insect related services. Do you need help evicting some unwanted guests from your home? Contact Wildlife Trappers today to schedule an inspection from one of our licensed and trained professionals.