Snakes can be found in urban, suburban, wooded, and water areas throughout Georgia. While they play an important role in our state’s ecosystem, many people are unaware of tactics that can prevent them from infiltrating homes and businesses or the steps that should be taken if a snakebite occurs.
Snakes will enter homes, crawlspaces, barns, and a variety of other spots looking for rodents, eggs, or shelter. By eliminating mice, lizards, and rats from your property you are removing snakes’ food sources and will not be an attractive spot for them to take up residence.
•   Keep your yard tidy.
•   Remove brush and wood piles.
•   Trim back tree limbs that touch your roof.
•   Seal up foundation, weather stripping, and window screens.
If you see a snake
If you see a snake, take a few large steps safely away from its strike zone. Cornering or attempting to capture the snake will prompt it to defend itself. Definitely don’t kill it! Not only is it is illegal in Georgia to kill non-venomous snakes but when harmless snakes are eliminated, a niche is opened for venomous ones.
If you are bitten
Only six of the 46 species native to Georgia are venomous, but if you are bitten you should never assume the bite is not poisonous. The Mayo Clinic suggests the following steps for a snakebite:
•   Remain calm and move beyond the snake’s striking distance
•   Call 911 immediately
•   Remove jewelry and tight clothing
•   Cover the bite with a clean, dry dressing
•   Position yourself, if possible, so that the bite is at or below the level of your heart
•   Try to remember the color and shape of the snake so that you can describe it to your medical treatment provider.
•   Do NOT flush the bite with water (the venom can help identify the snake and tell doctors exactly what kind of anti-venom is needed)
•   Do NOT apply a tourniquet or ice
•   Do NOT cut the wound or try to remove the venom in any way
•   Do NOT drink caffeine or alcohol (can speed up venom absorption in the body)
•   Do NOT try to capture the snake
At Wild Trappers, we can safely and humanely remove snakes from your property via safe and humane snaketrapping and removal techniques. We will also repair any damage, clean-up droppings and nesting materials, and prevent re-entry. Call us today at 770-828-9622 for a quote, to schedule an inspection, or request snake removal on your property.