Squirrels are the most commonly sighted rodent in Georgia. They have long bushy tails and usually range from gray to shades of red or brown, depending on their species. The Gray Squirrel is the most common, but Georgia is home to the other two types: Fox Squirrels (slightly larger), and Red Squirrels (smaller and primarily found in the North Georgia mountains).

Squirrels are mostly active from morning until late afternoon. They tend to live in wooded areas, and if you have trees near your house, squirrels can quickly become a nuisance.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?
Squirrels tend to scamper away from humans or house pets. If cornered or trapped, they have been known to bite, but their bites are relatively harmless, and the incidence of rabies, or other diseases, is very slight, if any.

How are Squirrels a Nuisance?
Squirrels primarily eat nuts, seeds and berries. Bird feeders are frequently robbed by squirrels, and if you have any nut-bearing or berry-producing trees or shrubs, squirrels will pick them over, ruining much of your landscaping work.

The bigger nuisance is when squirrels find a way into your house. Attics are popular retreats for squirrels, particularly in the colder months, but once they find a way in, chasing them out on your own often leads to frustration and an infestation of squirrels.

Squirrels are also notorious for chewing on power or phone lines, which can create a significant fire hazard, or at the very least, disruption of service.

What Can I do About Squirrels?
Squirrel Hunting Season in Georgia goes from August until February, and is a popular way of introducing children to hunting.

If you live within the city limits, hunting likely isn’t a good option. Likewise, if squirrels have already found their way into your house, calling a professional, such as Wild Trappers, is your most effective and safest option.

Getting the squirrels out of your house is obviously the first concern, and professional trapping services can do this without any impact to your day-to-day affairs. Secondly, it is important to find out how and where the squirrels got into your home. Entry methods aren’t always obvious, and rarely are they easy to find. You want to make sure that the squirrels can’t get back in, once removed.