There are more than 200 squirrel species worldwide, but the gray squirrel is the most common species in Georgia. The fox squirrel is also found statewide and red squirrels are found in the higher elevations of our state’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Squirrels have four front teeth that constantly grow, at a rate of about six inches per year so they are always gnawing on something to keep them at a comfortable length—from nuts and wood to drywall and electrical wiring.

Damages Done by Squirrels

Squirrels can be a huge nuisance for many homeowners with their chattering. They can also cause considerable damage if they gain access to your home. In addition to chewing on your home’s wood, drywall, and electrical wires, squirrels can bring in nesting material and spread contamination.

Inspection and Exclusion

To prevent squirrels from gaining access, it is important to do a full inspection of your property from top to bottom. Look for any openings, paying close attention to vents (roof, dryer, ridge cap, and gable vents), areas where roof lines meet, and where eaves touch against the roof. From the interior of your attic, look for light entering from the outside. If light can enter, squirrels likely can as well. Seal up gaps and vents with hardware cloth or heavy steel mesh (mesh cloths cannot keep squirrels out) and be sure your chimney is equipped with a good steel chimney cap. Trim all tree limbs and branches back beyond jumping distance of squirrels (six to eight feet from your house).

Clean Up Your Property

Squirrels are looking for food or shelter. By taking these options away, squirrels will likely head elsewhere. Be sure to regularly clean up fallen nuts and fruit from nearby trees and spilled birdseed from feeders. Also, keep an eye on any outdoor pet food bowls and be sure to secure your garbage.

Contact the Professionals at Wild Trappers

Protect yourself, your family, and your property by calling the trained professionals at Wild Trappers. We work to prevent future visits by your unwanted guests by sealing all entry points with skilled, quality workmanship and competitive prices. Plus, our exclusion and repair work is guaranteed—if the nuisance animal gets through our system we will re-trap and repair at no charge! If you have squirrels that have made their way into your home or they have taken over your outdoor spaces despite your actions to protect your property—contact Wild Trappers! Our state certified wildlife trappers will remove your squirrels and any uninvited wildlife from your property via safe and humane animal trapping and removal techniques.