Georgia is home to two species of fox: the gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) and the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Gray foxes are gray in color with a black stripe along their back, and patches of reddish fur on their necks, flanks, legs and undersides of their tails. Gray foxes are also called forest foxes due to being found primarily in forested areas. However, they are also found in cropland, grassland, urban/suburban areas, and along woodland edges. Red foxes are deep reddish brown to yellowish in color and have white-tipped bushy tails. This species of fox is quite common in urban and suburban areas throughout Georgia due to the abundance of food and shelter in these areas.



Both gray and red foxes are omnivores. A large portion of their diet includes rabbits, rats, mice, squirrels, and birds. They generally do not bother larger livestock but will prey on small livestock such as ducks, chickens, rabbits, young lambs, and small domestic pets. They also eat carrion, insects, vegetation, and all types of fruits, nuts, and berries. Bird feeders attract birds (and unfortunately rodents) which can bring foxes into your yard.


Health Risks to Humans and Pets

Both red and gray foxes do not really cause damage in the physical sense but can carry organisms responsible for several contagious diseases such as mange, canine distemper, toxocariasis, rabies, roundworms, fleas, and mange mites.


Dont Approach or Clean Areas

If you see a fox, simply leave it alone and call Wild Trappers immediately! If foxes feel threatened or stressed they can attack. Do not attempt to trap or remove the animal(s) yourself. Also, do not clean up their droppings and soiled interior areas yourself. Proper removal, disinfection, and other necessary methods must be performed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Don’t take chances with the health of you or your loved ones. The only way to safely remove foxes from your property is with professional wildlife management services.


Humane Raccoon Removal and Professional Sanitation from Wild Trappers

At Wild Trappers we are state certified and expertly trained to humanely trap and remove foxes from your property, sanitize occupied areas, and prevent their re-entry. We only use environmentally sound and humane animal removal techniques for all animal control and nuisance wildlife removal problems. Protect yourself, your family, and your property from raccoons and other unwanted guests. Contact the licensed and trained professionals at Wild Trappers by calling 770-618-9481 or requesting a free online estimate today.