Rodents, insects, and various types of pests will want to spend their winter in your home. It is up to you to take steps to eliminate their access points, food sources, and harborage areas.

First Line of Defense: Your Home’s Perimeter

Check the exterior perimeter of your home to eliminate what pests see as an invitation to come closer. Keep your lawn and landscape well kept, maintain a 2 foot vegetation-free (mulch, fallen leaves, etc.) perimeter around your home, and trim branchesand shrubbery to remain 6 feet from your home. Also, be sure to store your firewood off the ground at least 20 feet away from your home.

Eliminate Entry Points

Take a walk around your home’s interior and exterior looking closely for potential points of entry for pests. Look for gaps around windows and doors, unscreened attic vents and pet doors, cracks, and loose mortar. Fill cracks, holes, and areas where pipes or utilities enter your home with caulk and expanding foams. Add a cap to your chimney  and replace loose mortar and weather stripping.

Keep It Clean

Keep all areas of your home clean, paying close attention in your kitchen areas. Keep floors swept and countertops clean. Keep all food (including opened pet food) in air tight containers and never let ripe produce sit on countertops. Regularly dispose of your trash into clean, tightly sealed outdoor containers.

Eliminate Moisture

Rodents and insects are drawn to standing water so look for clogged rain gutter systems outside and wet attics, basements, crawlspaces, and leaky pipes and faucets inside.

Inspect Items ComingInto Your Home

By inspecting everything before it comes into your home (packages, boxes, luggage, grocery bags, etc.) you can prevent unknowingly transporting rodents, insects, and other pests directly into your living spaces.

When Faced with a Pest Problem—Contact the Professionals at Wild Trappers

Protect yourself, your family, and your property by calling the trained professionals at Wild Trappers. We work to prevent future visits by your unwanted guests by sealing all entry points with skilled, quality workmanship and competitive prices. Plus, our exclusion and repair work is guaranteed—if the nuisance animal gets through our system we will re-trap and repair at no charge! If you suspect any type of infestationin your home, contact the licensed professionalsat Wild Trappers to inspect your property, specifically identify your problem, and offer you the most effective solution.