If you live in Georgia, you can be sure that you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from wildlife of some sort. Whether it’s a squirrel in your backyard, that deer crossing the road ahead of you, the opossum under your deck, or the racoon that’s always trying to get into your trash, wildlife, in all its different forms, is everywhere. But if you’re a homeowner in Georgia, there’s one place you definitely don’t want critters…

Inside your home.

As colder weather approaches, small critters such as rodents and squirrels seek shelter from the cold by making their way into any structure they can. Because of this, homeowners have to be extra diligent to prevent critters and other unwanted pests from gaining access to the inside of their homes. Adept at climbing, leaping, chewing, digging, burrowing, hiding, and all the other activities that make them hard to combat, unwanted pests such as rodents become much harder to battle once they’ve made it into the recesses of your home. Therefore, the best offense is a great defense. That means assessing potential access points and eliminating them one by one to ensure that they don’t make it inside.

Keep Vegetation and Trees Trimmed Away from the House

Squirrels and other climbing pests can gain easy access to the roof and sides of your home if you have trees and other vegetation that tend to touch the house. No need to roll out the red carpet for unwanted pests. Also, keep grass low and well-maintained to eliminate trails and hiding spaces.

Leave No Hole Unplugged

Because rodents can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter, inspect foundations, gaps in siding, windows and rooflines to make sure that there are no holes by which a pest can sneak in.

Keep Garbage Cans Sealed

Because animals are natural foragers, they’re constantly on the lookout for food, even if it’s in your garbage cans. To us, garbage stinks. To animals, it all smells like food, and they’re wildly attracted to it. Seal cans to keep the smell of food in, while keeping the pests out.

Keep Pet Food Out of Reach

Speaking of free food, if you leave pet food out for your cat or dog, it’s quite possible that they’re not the only ones who will be eating it. Therefore, feed them indoors or remove the food and sweep up the excess after they’re done feeding.

Remove Outdoor Clutter

Remove unused piles of wood, bricks, blocks, and other unnecessary clutter to eliminate places where rodents and other pests can take shelter or hide. Yard items such as wheelbarrows, ladders, and mowers should be put away when not in use.

Call the Professionals at Wild Trappers

For additional peace of mind and prevention, call the experts at Wild Trappers for a professional inspection and consultation. Not only will Wild Trappers inspect your property to assess your entry points and methods of prevention, but they can also help to eliminate a rodent problem outside before it even has a chance to get inside.