Resembling domesticated dogs, coyotes are carnivorous wild canines averaging 4 – 4.5 feet in length, are 18 to 25 inches tall, and weigh between 20 – 50 pounds (with males generally being larger than females). They have pointed ears, sharp canine teeth, long muzzles, and bushy tails. Predominantly gray to brown in color, coyote fur varies from black to red to white, depending on region. Coyotes are typically nocturnal but may be active during daylight hours, especially during the young-rearing period and summer (due to longer days). Coyotes are easily identifiable by their unique howl (short, high-pitched yips and long, drawn-out yowls) and they can live up to ten years in the wild (and up to twenty years in captivity).

Habitatand Diet

Coyotes can be found in nearly every type of climate and region throughout North America. They adapt well to a variety of environments and will often live in urban areas. Though not necessarily pack animals like wolves, coyotes do travel in family units, especially around breeding seasons. Coyotes spotted near homes rarely threaten human safety, but they see our pets, especially cats and small dogs, as food sources. They often invade properties and can cause considerable damage to crops, pets (small dogs, cats, and rabbits), livestock (sheep, goats, chickens, and calves). They will often kill more than they eat when they gain access to a large amount of these animals.


Homeowners should eliminate any food sources that may be attractive to coyotes. This includes pet food left outdoors, table scraps, compost piles, and decaying and fallen fruit underfruit trees.Protect your pets by limiting their time outdoors, keeping them in a nearby fenced area, and supervising them at all times. If a coyote comes near you or your pets, you can harass them with loud noises (shouting, or banging pots and pans) or spray them with a garden hose.

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