If you’ve noticed any mouse-like creatures around your landscape, burrows in your mulch, or runways that part the grass in your yard, you probably have moles or voles.


  • Appearance:Moles are 4 – 7 inches in length with short black/brown/gray fur. They have pointed snouts and enlarged, paddle-shaped feet with prominent digging claws. Their eyes and ears are so tiny that they are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Diet:Moles are predatory in nature and have a carnivorous diet. They will eat up to 60% – 100% of their body weight in earthworms, grubs, beetles, adult insects, and other animals or arthropods found in soil each day!
  • Habitat:Moles live underground in tunnels that they can dig at a rate of 18 feet per hour. When they dig these tunnels they leave behind lots of volcano-shaped dirt mounds and extensive yard damage.


  • Appearance:Voles are 5 – 8 inches in length and have reddish/brown/black fur with a gray underside. They have short tails, rounded ears, small eyes, partially hidden ears, and prominent orange teeth.
  • Diet:Voles are primarily herbivores and will eat plants, stems, leaves, roots, bulbs, bark, seeds, and grasses.
  • Habitat:Voles make trails through grassy areas and prefer to live in low-lying or creeping vegetation.

Importance of Identification

Proper identification is crucial when dealing with any pests in order to implement the best elimination strategy. For example, moles are solitary animals, but there may be multiple residents in a vole colony. Removing a mole from your property may quickly solve your problem but voles will likely require habitat modificationsuch as removal of weeds, mulch, and/or vegetation, in addition to the installation of tightly meshed wire fences.

Wild Trappers Can Handle Your Mole and Vole Removal Needs

Managing moles and voles can be challenging. These pests can also carry infectious diseases and parasites, which is why it’s important to let the professionals at Wild Trappers assist you with their elimination from your property. If your home or property has been experiencing issues with moles or voles, let us inspect your property, identify your problem, and outline the best approach for elimination. We provide a safe, humane, and legal way to remove the pests from your property and can then suggest or implement multiple repelling and exclusion methods to keep your property mole- and vole-free in the future. Contact Wild Trappers today!