Raccoons are found throughout Georgia in all types of landscapes. They are highly adaptable and thrive in most parts of the state. They tend to den in brush piles, hollow trees, and ground burrows, as well as barns, attics, and abandoned buildings.


Property Damage

Raccoons will cause damage when accessing your attic, barn, or other structure. They will then rip up, move, and shred any material, most commonly insulation, to create their nests. They can also chew through and break wooden beams and destroy your electrical and ventilation systems by chewing on wires.


Health Risks to Humans and Pets

Raccoons are susceptible to numerous diseases including canine distemper, parvovirus, and rabies. Their feces can cause salmonellosis, leptospirosis, raccoon roundworm, and giardiasis in humans.


Signs You Have an Infestation

You will likely see damage to your home’s wood, shingles, electrical wiring, walls, and insulation, as well as droppings and urine stains. Hearing loud thuds and noises can also signify there are raccoons in your home. Young raccoons can often be heard “chattering” in the den.


Do: Eliminate Food Sources

Raccoons are omnivorous so you must be diligent about eliminating all food sources on your property. When feeding pets outdoors, make sure no food remains in dishes after meal time. Secure outside garbage containers with rocks, cords, ropes, or weights and clean out the bins occasionally to reduce smells. Cover and secure your compost piles and never add meat products to compost.


Don’t: Approach or Clean Areas

If you know or suspect you have a raccoon on your property—call Wild Trappers immediately! If raccoons feel threatened or stressed they can attack. Do not attempt to trap or remove the animal(s) yourself. Also, do not clean up their droppings and soiled areas yourself. Proper removal, disinfection, and other necessary methods must be performed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Don’t take chances with the health of you or your loved ones. The only way to safely remove raccoons from your property is with professional wildlife management services.


Humane Raccoon Removal and Professional Sanitation from Wild Trappers

At Wild Trappers we are state certified and expertly trained to humanely trap and remove raccoons from your property, sanitize occupied areas, and prevent their re-entry. We only use environmentally sound and humane animal removal techniques for all animal control and nuisance wildlife removal problems. Protect yourself, your family, and your property from raccoons and other unwanted guests. Contact the licensed and trained professionals at Wild Trappers by calling 770-618-9481 or requesting a free online estimate today.