Woodpeckers and nuisance birds can cause serious property damage and cover buildings with excrement and droppings. They can also expose building occupants to mites, parasites, and bird associated diseases.



To woo their mates during courtship, most male woodpeckers drum on wood and cedar siding, chimneys, chimney and vent caps, rain gutters, and down spouts. This drumming is what usually alerts building occupants to the presence of woodpeckers. Woodpeckers will also actively search for food by drilling into wood and synthetic stucco siding, eaves, soffits, and decks in search of carpenter bees, paper wasps, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, ladybugs and beetles to eat. In addition to using your property for feeding and to attract a mate, woodpeckers may hammer completely through your wood siding or stucco to create a cavity for their nest.


Bird Management Options Provided by Wild Trappers

Simply “shooing” nuisance birds away from your property rarely works. To protect yourself and your family, call the trained professionals at Wild Trappers to inspect your property and properly identify your bird issue.

  • Exclusion: We will identify the type of bird that is posing a problem for you and take steps to make your property less inviting by putting a plan of action into place to exclude them from your home or business. We can often exclude woodpeckers and other nuisance birds from surfaces by covering the area with netting or hardware cloth and ensuring you have properly fitted chimney caps and dryer vent covers.
  • Trapping: You should not attempt to trap a woodpecker yourself. Woodpeckers are migratory, non-game birds protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Act, meaning special permission from the federal government is required before attempting any type of woodpecker control beyond harassing.
  • Bird Nest Removal: One of the best methods for discouraging bird activity (and preventing any problems associated with bird mites) is nest removal.


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Don’t try to remove wild animals from your property or clean up their droppings yourself. Proper removal, disinfection, and other required methods involve someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Our state certified wildlife trappers safely and humanely removes woodpeckers and other nuisance birds from your property via safe and humane exclusionary, trapping, and removal techniques. We repair any animal damage, clean-up droppings and nesting materials and prevent re-entry. Don’t take chances with the health of you or your loved ones. Call Wild Trappers at 770-828-9622 for a quote or inspection today!